Page aiming to give advice on speedrunning Any% on Normal.

Normal Any% TAS
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Theory TAS


After selecting Aile/Vent skip the first cutscene, then you will be there standing with Biometal X activated.With him you have one weapon, the buster. X can hold to 2 charges of buster shots (the first small blue and the second blue + 2 pink lines).

The first section of the game is pretty straight forward, just keep dashing right and make sure to always have buster charge to blast anything that gets in your way. The second holds 3 enemies that can be tricky, in a cave you have to beat 2 of them with one shot and the other after a walljump (Sample). After them, hold a full charge and skip the 

Slicers Section hints

Red line shows where to jump and Blue lines where to shoot

cutscene when you get near a half cut tree.

Giga AspisEdit

The boss fight can be difficult to do fast properly, always hit him with both full charged buster. To hit him release and shoot both buster shots at the peak of your jump, he will always go offscreen once, six hits will make it. (Strat 1)

After the fight, skip another cutscene when the screen fades in. In the DATA room skip a cutscene after the door locks and then reject the save request selecting the second option, and after another dialogue box skip yet another cutscene.

Reject save request

Reject Save Request

Pass the TestEdit

Here we will use the transerver for the first time to select a mission, to use it hit UP and go for "Mission Requests", select the "Pass the Test" Mission and take it.

Mission Requests
Take Mission
Notice that when you have a mission accepted a logo with a "G" on the upper left corner of the screen will appear. It will also be flashing after you have done it's request(it doesn't happen in some side missions, but since this is any% we don't go for them).

So, with the "Mission Start" on the screen hold "Shoot", you will need a full charge realy soon, then go right. The first enemy in this section (a Giraffe like robot) CAN be tricky, make sure to shoot it close to it's head, then use another charge to blast another 2 enemies. There is also a TAS trick to save a wall jump in here, the Giraffe has one platform beign it's body, if you jump and shoot at a right time you will have the time to jump from it for the ledge.

After the door skip another cutscene. In area C, go left and talk to the guardian, he will say that four guardians like him will be hidden thorughout the town, if you can find them you can be one of the guardians. The first two guardians are in the two doors after the door you came from. On the second room you will have to crouch to get to the second guardian, for that we need to take the armor off. Use the transform button(default X) and press DOWN while Human to crawl, stay without the armor to talk to the guardian and to go back, and then take the biometal on again. Here you can also save some frames doing a dash wall jump from the wall after you transform back to X.

The third guys is in the door after the yellow door (Area C-03), this section is realy boring, but, this guy can make you lose a lot of time here, you have to be off armor to talk to him, otherwise he will go away, also there are two enemies there, make sure to not bonk on them or you can transform above the last one and D-boost off him to get closer to the guardian.

The last guy will be at the next area to the right, just use more of the crawl the human form can do to get to him, after it talk to the next guardian near the DATA center at the right. He will give you a stuffed animal, the "G" will start flashing. Go to the transerver and report the mission.
Mission Report


Now select the remain mission, Locate Giro, go right to a door below a ledge, go down the next section and go out of it, skip the cutscene(this one you can skip when the screen is still black). Here is another slicers section, 3 of them again, to do it non stop you will have to use a technique with the pink lines of your second charge, on the slope do a ground dash and shoot the charged shoot while dashing, this will make one of the pink lines to go up and if you get it at the right time on the ledge it will destroy the first guy, keep charge to destroy the other 2 guys, go left and get the computer chip.
Slope shoot

After some dialog go back right and skip the cutscene after you get down that same slope, here is the second boss, the most patetic boss of the entire game(Most harder boss in the game ). Legends says that you can 3 cycle this guy, with the same trick of the pink line. When his HP goes 0 skip the Giro cutscene and go left, go down the ladder and enter the transerver room, report mission and skip the cutscene.

HighWay Edit

Now use the transerver again an teleport to are X-1(HQ). Skip the cutscene(there will be more 4 cutscenes to skip here), left the DATA room, go to Prairie's commander section, skip the cutscene(notice that in Preirie's room you can start your dash when your screen is still black/fading in), go right and enter the lab, skip 3 cutscenes.

We are now at the highway (section designed like the intro stage in Rockman X), here mash the first enemy and after a wall jump shoot above the little enemy to hit the bridge lever offscreen. After the bridge you can grab a life up on the next hole in the ground, this one is used in all the recent normal runs, use a buster shot to open the gate and then climb back to the highway, skip the cutscene when you met a guardian.

In this next section make sure to be always charging, there is 3 wall like enemies that you need to destroy to get past them, then you will fight the King Flyer(Just like the Bees minibosses in Rockman X), two full charged shoots and two lemons will destroy him. Go right blast more enemies and then reach a site where you will find Giro on the ground, skip the cutscene. Giro is pretty easy to predict, 6 full charged shoots will do it. Again when the boss HP bar goes 0 skip the cutscene, after it you are using Model Zx, go right and skip 2 more cutscenes.

Hivolt - Search The Plant - Area-EEdit

Search the plant
Area E Path

Finally we are done with the boring section of the game, remember that you can start your dash when the screen is fading in at Prairie's room. Go to the DATA room and select the first mission (Search the Plant), transport to area B-2. Go back the way you used on the "Locate Giro" mission, do not forget to use wall jump cancel to climb faster(they are fun).After the red transerver go right and enter the yellow door for area E-1.

Hivolt StageEdit

The first section is easy, just jump from one another of the red things(idk what's called) and use green or blue shot to blast the enemies, on the last one jump from the edge to avoid the dragonfly.
Dragonflier jump
In the area-E2 keep using charge shots on enemies. In this section you will find some electric-fans, use dashes to get your  hitbox lower and enter/pass them faster. Press the first ground button you found, Safe strat: you can slash the E-Crystal that is in between the 2 slicers',' skip the second button.
Area E-Crystal
E-tank Grab
In area-E4 we will grab the only E-tank used in the most recent runs, use wall cancels when you have to and try to skip wall jumps that you can, after the the gears use a full charge to blast the green wall-like guy. Use the track to go faster, keep a charge, slash the guy that's in it and jump for a "hidden" ledge, use the charge shot on the enemy an grab the E-tank. Hold charges of both buster and saber after the crusher.


Use the buster charge first, then use the wall to charge slash, notice here that u can double or even triple hit it by masshing left and right(it is possible to 5+ hit it but only with TAS movement). After some good damage you can go all in with dboost and rolling slash plus triple jab.

Area E-5Edit

After the doors and a dash skip the cutscene, here you have to avoid some sparks, it's a hard section, safe strat: stop at the first spark, wait until it goes off, then go and you will skip all the other sparks in the "first floor", when going down charge the buster to blast another green wall enemy.

There is 3 big drops that you can slash to regen hp since Hivolt is coming up soon, after the ladder jump in three platforms where the heart is on the background

, Safe strat: if you are realy low you can skip the drops on the ladder and go for the BIGGER hp on the higher spot in this room, just make sure you have buster full charged to blast the green wall

Now the first real boss fight is coming up(SKIP THE CUTSCENE!), make sure to have buster full charged for the beginning of it. Hivolt is realy painful to kill fast , since we have to use Zx for it and he goes offscreen all the time. But, 1 cycle is possible and saves a lot of time, when the fight starts dash jump to the right and release the buster, position yourself behind Hivolt, jump as high as possible and do a Rolling Slash(keep charging another buster shot), if you do this right he will come down, use the buster and d-boost in him to abuse the invencibily frames for another Rolling Slash. When you hit the ground use a walking slash and triple jab or vice versa. Now go left and wait for him to come at you, use the charge buster and a triple jab or a jump slash and a triple jab. If you don't got the first combo right you can use rolling slash in the end(but it is harder do deal some good damage).(Hivolt Kill)

Skip the cutscene after the fight(all the fight by now will be like that, cutscene before and after the fight), go to the DATA room and submit the mission.

Fistleo - Fight the Mavericks - Area-GEdit

Area G PathEdit

This mission is now the second on your list, take it. Teleport to area-B again and run to the highway, in the highway go to the right instead of left. This will basically be the same as it was when you fight Giro, use charge shoots for the enemies(don't forget about the green walls), just the King Fly will be a bit different, to kill it use a charge buster + 3 air slashes + charge buster..
Area G Jump
It's whatever if you want to transform into Hx right after the DATA room or after half of the Area-D3. After Area-D3 you will be at area-G(for some reason there is no cutscene when you enter this mission area).

Fistleo StageEdit

When on top of the first building you have two choices, go for a "hard" air dash to go top route or just go down. After that, climb another building and use overdrive(if you have energy) to take down the red-wall enemies(yeah, they are red, and because that they are weak to Hx). 


Skip the cutscene at the guardian, enter the building, inside follow the ladder down and talk to the guardian, enter the door at the 3rd floor and save two guardians. Go to the 4th floor and save the girl(now to save civilians you will need to transform into Human so they talk to you), grab the energy that she drops if you need it. Save the guardian in the front of the 5th floor door and the child and woman that are inside it, save the guy in the 7th floor and the 8th floor door will be unlocked.


Next there is a skip(1 2 3) which is a bit hard to get consistent, jump from the door ledge air dash(use the most you can of the dash speed) and hover to the other side. If you have energy use it to take down the red-walls, if not jumps air dash above them. Hold ~5 energy to extinguish the last blaze and Fistleo Fight(1 2).

Done with the fight go to the DATA room and report the mission.

Lurere - Find the Survivors - Area-FEdit

Area-F PathEdit

Lurere mission is the first in the list, transport to Area-A and go to the right door. Air dash to the ledge above and enter the door that is at the top of the cliff. In Area-B1 you don't need to kill any enemies, use air dash to get to the door that is higher at some platforms, next use the sword on the button to open the gate. Right after air dash for the left wall and climb it, dash jump off of it and air dash up for the intersections. Slash the E-Crystals if you need energy/HP. To go to the other side either dash jump straight right and use hover at the end or wall climb more and dash jump, slash some enemies and enter Area-F(for now every Stage area will have a cutscene, you know what to do).

Lurere StageEdit

We will need model Fx for almost all the stage, transform to it at the beginning. There will be 2 White wall enemies first, 6 shots of Fx kill each one, make sure to be jumping while shooting otherwise you will get stuck on the ground. Then below will be another 3 of these guys, that is hard to do non stop so don't be ashamed to stop to mash. If you got energy drops use overdrive to destroy the ice blocks, if not use a Magaton Punch(charged arms, either one works). Note that you have to be realy close to destroy both ice blocks, the easy way to get both is to release the charge while walking against the blocks(this will be useful at another section where you have to destroy 2 blocks if not enough energy). (1 2)

Next is the reason why Fx is great at this stage, after 2 enemies go to the higher route, destroy the two ice walls and go up(1 2). Here if you want to grab another life up go to the left, use model Hx to pass over the spikes or d-boost at the fish to walk at the spikes. Then go right, do some wall climbs and smash the ice blocks, go right away at the next door. On the next room skip the cutscene, destroy the first enemy and if you need destroy the wall guy and grab the big energy that is behind him. Go up and right, use overdrive and shoot up the destroy the ice block, kill the bear climb the ladder and kill the white-wall. When you get in front of the third white-wall of this area transform into Hx and jump above him(1). Climb more ledges and either kill the polar bear, d-boost from it or skip it. Air dash at the left side of an "igloo" transform into Fx and destroy the ice block to enter the door.


This one you just need to mash, the safe way is to use the left wall while shooting at him or mash while jumping(but with this one you will get hit at some point), or if your mash skills are overpowered just mash and d-boost off of it, after the second d-boost active overdrive(if enough energy) and finish it. Go to the door at the right and skip the cutscene that trigger at the middle of the room.


When you go out of the Crushpactor's room destroy the ice blocks at the left to go down, go back to the ladder you climbed before kill the polar bear, and now go straght left and enter the door that is above from the door you came. Don't whory, you can do the jumps with Fx there, before the boss room charge one of the arms(if you prefer just charge it in the beginning of the fight)(1 2). Lurere fight can either be easy or super messy, to quick kill her gor all the way right to be bellow her, shoot twice and release the charge up to her(with overdrive), notice that the combo to work need to be done realy fast or the fireball won't hit. If she gets to half hp or almost half hp she will come down, go a bit to the left and combo her when her invencibility frames go off. (Area-F4)

If you go out of energy transform to model Zx an combo her with slashes(air slash/rolling slash/triple jab), if her mouth sucks you, you can damage her by slashing it. Go right to the transerver room and report the mission.

Hurricaune - Save the People - Area-IEdit

Shortcut (1 2)Edit

Hurricaune's mission is the second on your list, transport to Area-E. Go to the Area-I1 door, no need to transform, keep Fx. Go right and climb all the way up, it can be a bit hard with Fx but it' still easier than iceless. Here is why we keep Fx here, keep an arm charge and D-boost either from a lemon shooted by the platform enemy or from the "frog???" enemy, d-boost right from the edge of the platform to be knocked down, use the invencibility frames to stand on the spikes and punch the cracked wall, go fast through it to not die. Go down the ladder, transform to Lx while falling and grab the energy drop. 

Black Out(1 2)Edit

The first black out room has a HP drop above the door if you need it, jump the 3 ledges each one with "frogs" in and between them. In the second kill the first frog and jump over the pit, go down and do not jump since there is spikes on the ceiling, climb the wall and jump over another pit. If you need there is a energy drop at the right(1). Exiting the black out section destroy the wall and the enemy to go right away to the boss. This fight starts at the right side of the screen.

Fight herEdit

Model Lx doesn't have a good combo, you need to hit Hurricaune with a air slash then a ground slash, repeat it with a charged slash and a ground slash to finish her(Hurricaune confirmed girl). Go right, skip a cutscene, slash the lock to save the people and skip the cutscene. Go to the DATA room and report mission.

Interlude (Prometheus)Edit

After reporting Hurricaune's mission skip the cutscene, transport to Area-X1 and go to Prairie's room, skip the cutscene and dash while the screen is fading in. Exiting her room make sure to be charging, use the ice sled to jump a bit higher and skip using the elevator. Go all the way up and wait for the "cutscene". Use model Fx to mash and destroy the "chain" like things. When you destroy the last one immediately skip the cutscene. Go back and use the elevator to the last floor below, destroy the enemies while jumping to not get stuck in the ground. Avoid the craters and go to the next room right.

Here we fight Prometheus, he is weak to the electric element, the easy strat here is to wait until he appears at the middle of the room, transform to model Hx, charge a yellow charge and release a tornado with overdrive below him, it will kill him. Or you can try the faster kill, where you transform right when the battle start and charge, the risk about doing it is that 3 things can happen, Prometheus can give you the pattern you want by spawning in the ground where you combo and finish the fight way faster. Or he can spawn on the middle of the room, which is still faster than the easy way because you already have a charge going in. Or he can make you lose a lot of time doing an attack with his scythe making you take twice the time you would with the easy way to finish him.

After the fight skip two cutscenes and go to the DATA room.